Category Name Description Paper Download
Pre-Trained Language Models blank MacBERT Pre-trained Chinese MacBERT. Findings of EMNLP 2020 Star
blank CharBERT Character-aware pre-trained language model. COLING 2020 Star
blank Chinese-ELECTRA Pre-trained Chinese ELECTRA-large, ELECTRA-base, etc. arXiv Star
blank Chinese-XLNet Pre-trained Chinese XLNet-mid, XLNet-base. arXiv Star
hot Chinese-BERT-wwm Pre-trained Chinese BERT-wwm, RoBERTa-wwm-ext, RBT3, etc. arXiv Star
Datasets new ExpMRC Explainability Evaluation for MRC. arXiv Star
new AdvRACE A dataset for testing robustness of MRC models. Findings of ACL 2021 Star
blank CMRC 2019 A sentence cloze dataset for Chinese MRC. COLING 2020 Star
blank CJRC A dataset for Chinese judicial MRC. CCL 2019 Star
hot CMRC 2018 A span-extraction dataset for Chinese MRC. EMNLP 2019 Star
blank CMRC 2017 A cloze-style Chinese reading comprehension dataset. LREC 2018 Star
blank PD & CFT A Chinese cloze-style MRC dataset: PD&CFT. COLING 2016 Star
Toolkit blank TextBrewer An open-source knowledge distillation toolkit for NLP. ACL 2020 Star
Models blank RecAdam An optimizer for fine-tuning PLMs with less forgetting. EMNLP 2020 Star
blank PR-Embedding Conversational word embeddings for retrieval-based dialog system. ACL 2020 Star
blank Dual BERT A neural cross-lingual approach for MRC. EMNLP 2019 Star
blank TripleNet A network for multi-turn for retrieval-based dialog system. CoNLL 2019 Star
Miscs blank Chinese ACL2020 Blogs Chinese version of ACL 2020 PC blogs. Star
blank LAMB Optimizer (TF) LAMB optimizer for large batch training (TensorFlow version). Star
blank NLP Review Scorer Get a score for the review of your NLP paper. Star
blank Chinese MRC Datasets Collections of Chinese reading comprehension datasets. Star