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Yiming Cui

Principal Scientist, Vice Dean

Joint Laboratory of HIT and iFLYTEK Research (HFL), China


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I am now affiliated to the Joint Laboratory of HIT and iFLYTEK Research (HFL) as a principal scientist. I received my doctoral degree at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), supervised by Prof. Ting Liu. Before that, I also received my M.S. (supervised by Prof. Tiejun Zhao) and B.S. degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, majoring in computer science. My research interests include: Large Language Model (LLM), Pre-trained Language Model (PLM), Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC), Question Answering (QA), etc. My mother tongues are Chinese and Korean (an ethnic minority in China). My Chinese name is 崔一鸣 (pronunciation: /tsui i ming/), and my Korean name is 최일명 (Choi Ilmyeong). I can also speak English and Japanese (JLPT N1).

BTW, my favorite drink is Starbucks® Hazelnut Flavored Latte ☕️.


📰 News

[May, 2023] Our long paper is accepted to ACL 2024 (main). [publications]
[Apr, 2024] We are launching Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca-3 project. Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca-3
[Jan, 2024] We are launching Chinese-Mixtral project. Chinese-Mixtral
[Oct, 2023] I am honored to be selected one of the "World top 2% scientists". [awards]
[Jul, 2023] We are launching Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca-2 project. Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca-2
[Jun, 2023] Chinese LLaMA & Alpaca LLM project achieved 10,000 stars⭐️, thanks to every supporter.Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca



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